Jerricans 5, 10 20 and 25 litres

Gem Plastics produces a range of Jerricans for the packaging of liquids.

These Jerricans are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resin by the extrusion blow moulding process, giving them strength, rigidity and a high degree of chemical resistance. As a result, they offer safety and reliability for the packaging and transport of many liquid substances for a variety of different applications.

Most of Gem's Jerricans are certificated for the transport of dangerous goods in compliance with UN packaging requirements, and are approved by the various international modal agencies covering shipments by road, rail, sea and air. All UN marked Jerricans made by Gem are 100% leak tested,as specified by the regulations.

In addition, the materials used in their manufacture have been authorised for use in contact with foodstuffs.

5 litre GemStar Jerrican
Originally developed for the packaging of motor engine oils and related automotive applications, the GemStar Jerrican has proved to be a very popular choice in the industry sector and has also found uses in other markets such as household products.
5 litre Jerrican
The Gem 5 litre Jerrican, with its convenient and compact rectangular shape, lends itself to making the ebst use of space in storage and distribution, making it an ideal selection where smaller dosages of liquid substances are required.
10 litre Stackable Jerrican
UN Tested and certified as free-standing packaging, Gem's 10 litre Stackable Jerrican gives fillers and end-users a trusty measure of assurance about its performance for smaller packaging filling purposes.

20 litre Jerrican 20-CP9
Designed for those fillers of liquid products looking to optimise their pallet utilisation, storage spoace and shipping costs, combined with consideration of lighter manuals handling weights, Gem's newest addition to its range comes up with the complete a
Jerrican Euro Stacker
Engineered around the dimesions of the xtensively use CP1 European chemical industry pallet, the Gen Jerrican EuroStacker makes full use of the 1000 x 1200 mm deck area.

The container is now firmly established amongs a growing number of users for
25 litre SquareRound
The key feature of the Gem 25 litre SquareRound are its shape, rigidity and strength, plus the fact that its diemnsions are perfectly suited for the optimum use of 1140 x 1140 mm C9 export container pallets.

Its compact form delivers high peformance benefits at minimum weight and optimum safety.
25 litre Round
As a results of its uninterrupted circular profile, this container benefits from inherent radial strength and rigidity, resulting in superb palletised stacking performance under load.

Additionally, the constant surface area provides a large amount of spacefor self adhesive lables or pre-printed polythene sleeves to be fitted with ease in the recessed sidewall section.