L-Ring Drums 120, 210 and 220 litres

Gem Plastics L-Ring Closed Head drums, with two bungs, are made in three sizes and two designs - the original twin-ring version and newer MHX style.

The distinctive feature of the contemporary MHX model is the single handling ring that was purposely engineered to improve fork truck lifting using the 'parrot beak' drum gripper attachment.

Manufactured by the extrusion blow using moulding process, from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resin, makes them extremely tough, durable and resistant to most chemical products. Safe and easy to handle, they are ideally suited for the filling, storage and distribution of liquid materials, including hazardous ones, across a spectrum of industry sectors.

Gem's L-Ring drums are all certificated for the transport of dangerous goods, in compliance with UN packaging requirements, and are approved by the various international modal agencies covering shipments by road, rail, sea and air. In addition, every UN marked L-Ring drum is routinely 100% leak tested, as specified by the regulations. Also, all the materials used in their manufacture have been authorised for use in contact with foodstuffs.

Round in shape, they offer a reliable and economical alternative to steel drums.

210 litre L Ring
Gem's traditional 210 litre L-Ring Closed Heead drum, with its two handling rings, has an excellent record in providing safe and reliable transport packaging for a host of liquid filling applications.

Time and again, it has shown that it can do the job of the steel drums it has replace equally well, whilst introducing many importnats functional advantages in the process.

MHX L-Ring
Gem's second generation MHX L-Ring Closed Head drum is a one ring design, that was brough into being in response to internatuional calls for packaging wste minimisation. This model answers those concerns, with reduced weight for higher performance and improved emptying to allow it to be recycled more effectively.