5 litre GemStar Jerrican

Originally developed for the packaging of motor engine oils and related automotive applications, the GemStar Jerrican has proved to be a very popular choice in the industry sector and has also found uses in other markets such as household products.

  • 38 mm screw cap closure
  • Tamper-evident, child resistant, vented and plain cap options
  • Choice of colours for brand or corporate identity
  • Caps available in a selection of colours
  • Integrated top handle
  • Flat sided labelling areas
  • 1 gallon size option for imperial measure preferences

Capacity Weight Dimensions (mm) Packing
  (g) Length Width Height  
5 litres 135 185 133 282 Bales of 270 units
1 gallon 130 185 133 262 Bales of 270 units