5 litre Jerrican

The Gem 5 litre Jerrican, with its convenient and compact rectangular shape, lends itself to making the ebst use of space in storage and distribution, making it an ideal selection where smaller dosages of liquid substances are required.

  • 38 mm screw cap closure
  • Tamper-evident, child resistant, vented and plain cap options
  • Choice of colours for brand or corporate identity
  • Caps available in a selection of colours
  • Integrated top handle
  • Flat sided labelling areas
  • 1 gallon size option for imperial measure preferences

Capacity Weight Dimensions (mm) Packing
  (g) Length Width Height  
5 litres 135 185 133 282 Bales of 270 units
1 gallon 130 185 133 262 Bales of 270 units