10 litre Stackable Jerrican

UN Tested and certified as free-standing packaging, Gem's 10 litre Stackable Jerrican gives fillers and end-users a trusty measure of assurance about its performance for smaller packaging filling purposes.

  • 60 mm tamper-evident screw cap closure
  • Interlocking design for secure stacking stability
  • Integrated top handle
  • Recessed centre section for labels or sleeves
  • 25 per layer fit on a 1000 x 1200 mm (CP1) pallet.
  • Standard colour Blue, others considered subject to quantity
  • Choice of cap colours.

Capacity Weight Dimensions (mm) UN Mark Packing
litres (g) Length Width Height liquids  
10 450 234 198 315 Y1.4 Bales of 120