210 litre L Ring

Gem's traditional 210 litre L-Ring Closed Heead drum, with its two handling rings, has an excellent record in providing safe and reliable transport packaging for a host of liquid filling applications.

Time and again, it has shown that it can do the job of the steel drums it has replace equally well, whilst introducing many importnats functional advantages in the process.

  • Light to handles and transport
    - around half that of a steel drum
  • Exceptional impact resistance and stacking strength
  • Will not dent or corrode
  • Protects contents from the risk of contamination
  • Easy and inexpensive to clean for reuse(CP1)
  • Long service life
  • Works with the same steel drum handling equipment
  • Standard colour Blue, others considered subject to quantity
  • Choise of 3 weights

Capacity Weight Dimensions (mm) Closures UN Mark Packing
litres (kg) Diameter Height   liquids  
210 8.0 582 909 S56x4 Y1.5 Loose in trailer
210 8.5 582 909 S56x4 Y1.9 Loose in trailer
210 9.0 582 909 S56x4 Y1.9 Loose in trailer