Storage and Safety
The storage and transport of industrial chemical products, such as flammable substances, poisons and hazardous materials, can be a highly dangerous process.
GEM Plastics Limited have developed a range of high quality, stringently tested, robust, reliable and safe plastic storage containers which will ensure complete safety when packing, stacking, transporting and unpacking chemicals.

Our Products
Our high-density polyethylene (HDPE) containers are especially suitable for a full range of chemicals. UN approved for the packing and storage of dangerous goods, we pride ourselves on high standards of repeatability in our production processes.
Our open-top drums with removable lids are also ideal for the safe storage and transport of non-liquid chemicals i.e. powders, granules, crystals and are available in 20L to 220L capacities.

Our Process
Manufactured by the extrusion blow moulding process using HDPE resin, our closed head drums are extremely tough, durable and resistant to most chemical products. Our experience of working with a wide variety of clients in the chemical industry has given us an in-depth knowledge of the risks involved with the containment of dangerous chemicals.
We have adapted our product base around these risks to provide our chemical industry clients with the most reliable products to minimise risk and prevent accidents and spills.

Quality Assured
Certified to UN regulations and rigorously tested for regulatory and functional compliance, our range of drums are perfectly suitable for a variety of liquid and non-liquid chemicals.
Compliant with UN regulations, they are certified for the transport of dangerous goods and are approved by international modal agencies for transport by road, rail, sea and air.

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