Open Top Drums 220L, 120L, 60L, 30L, 20L

GEM Plastics Limited produces a complete range of Open Top drums, with removable lids in 220L to 20L sizes.

The 20L, 30L and 60L  sizes are fitted with GEM’s patented drop handles system which provides enhanced safety and security benefits.

These removable head containers with full openings are suited for the packing and storage of non-liquid materials such as powders, granules, crystals and pastes, in addition to being suited for  dispersions.

Safe to handle, they are easy to open, close and clean for re-use. We also provide vented lid systems for specialist applications.

Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) by our extrusion blow moulding process, these drums are suitable for use with products groups which, due to their physical composition, require a large opening for filling and/or extraction.
Our Open Tops are all certified for the transport of dangerous goods in conformance with UN packaging requirements.

All materials used in the manufacture of our Open Tops have been authorised for use with foodstuffs and Pharma applications.

Open Top Drums

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Open Top Drums

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