In addition to our mainstream industrial packaging activities, GEM Plastics Limited manufactures custom blow moulded packaging solutions for industrial and consumer applications.
We work closely with customers to develop bespoke high-density polyethylene products that meet their requirements irrespective of the industry.
Our strict quality management systems and UN compliance ensure that the finished product will provide a safe, durable and tough custom packaging solution for the specific material it needs to contain.

One such custom moulding project was the innovative Mussel Float which is novel in use and functionality. This unique product was developed in collaboration with the Irish Mussel Farmers and Bord lascaigh Mhara (The Irish Fisheries Board), for use in the cultivation and harvesting of mussels. GEM Plastics Limited hold the full European patent for the product since 2008.

Mussel Float
The GEM Mussel Float was designed with the purpose of playing a pivotal role in the cultivation of mussel spat on ropes suspended from twin anchorage points on the float, positioned top and bottom. A special valve is fitted to allow air pressurisation before and during use. This feature ensures that both shape and buoyancy are preserved in all marine conditions. Compared to the method of dredging mussels from the seabed, the GEM float offers a a number of distinct advantages.

Environment Friendly
The float is made in three sizes by our extrusion blow moulding process, using high-density polyethylene (HDPE) which gives it strength and guarantees a long working life. The ‘Battleship Grey’ colour of the float helps it to blend in sympathetically with the natural surrounding environment. All the materials used in the manufacture of the float have been authorised for use contact with foodstuffs.

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