GEM Plastics Limited produces closed head drums for liquids in two designs, the traditional 210L double ring drum and the newer single ring ‘MHX’ drum in 120L, 210L and 220L.

The distinctive feature of the GEM Plastics Limited MHX design is the single handling ring which was purposely engineered to improve fork truck lifting using the ‘parrot beak’ drum gripper attachment. Our MHX range also uniquely rolls in a straight line.

Manufactured by our extrusion blow using moulding process from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resin makes them extremely tough, durable and resistant to most chemical products. Safe and easy to handle, they are ideally suited for the filling, storage and distribution of liquid materials, including hazardous, across a spectrum of industry sectors.

GEM Plastics Limited closed head drums are all certified for the transport of dangerous goods in compliance with UN packaging requirements and are approved by various international modal agencies covering shipments by road, rail, sea and air. In addition, every UN marked closed head drum is routinely 100% leak tested in accordance with regulations.

All materials used in the manufacture of our closed head drums have been authorised for contact use with foodstuffs.

Closed Head Drums

GEM L-Ring 210L Range

Closed Head Drums


Closed Head Drums