GEM Open Top Drums Vented – Sizes 20L to 220L

These robust large aperture drums are fitted with a high density (HDPE) vented lid, fastenedby a galvanised steel closing ring, that can be security sealed, ensuring the highest degree of protection for the goods through the supply chain.

  • Full opening gives ease of access for filling, stirring and emptying
  • Tried and tested lid system
  • Safe and easy to handle, either manually or mechanically
  • Outstanding stacking strength
  • Easy to clean for reuse with good secondary value
  • Long working life
  • Full emptying capability minimises environmental harm
  • Colour, Blue with Black lid: Vented and Non-Vented.
  • Fitted with fold-down handles.
Capacity Weight
Dimensions {mm}
Diameter Height
UN Mark (Solids) Packing
*20 L 1.00 313 367 X 45 Pallet of 48 Units
*30 L 1.30 313 520 X 55 Pallet of 24/36 Units
*60 L 2.50 400 620 X 112 Pallet of 18 units
220 L 7.5 592 990 Y 200 Loose In Trailer

* Fitted with fold-down handles