The GEM Mussel Float was designed with the purpose of playing a pivotal role in the cultivation of mussel spat on ropes suspended from twin anchorage points on the float, positioned top and bottom. A special valve is fitted to allow air pressurisation before and during use. This feature ensures that both shape and buoyancy are preserved in all marine conditions. Compared to the method of dredging mussels from the seabed, the GEM Plastics Limited float offers a number of distinct advantages.

The GEM Mussel float comes in 3 sizes, 300 litres, 200 litres and the 100 litres sub-mergeable.

  • High strength handles for optimum use
  • Non-Toxic
  • Manufactured from 100% virgin polyethylene
  • High performance floats for all types of inshore and offshore farming conditions
  • Free from grit as the mussels don’t touch the sea bed
  • Lower wastage rate
  • Long operational life with low maintenance
  • Easy clean surface
  • Special valve fitting to allow air pressurisation before and during use
  • Excellent value on return on capital
  • Stackable easy to handle
  • Product patent  is held by GEM plastics
Reference Capacity
Dimensions (mm)
Diameter – Height
Series 100 120 7.5 450 – 1000 Loose in trailer
Series 200 220 10.0 560 – 1000 Loose in trailer
Series 300 280 11.5 560 – 1200 Loose in trailer