Welcome to our new website


I am delighted to welcome you to this our newly revamped website. It’s the window to the world for GEM Plastics Limited where our products are on view to all who look at it. Whether it’s causal browsing by individuals or a potential future employee, a potential customer looking to see who can meet their packaging needs – it covers all these situations.

Thanks to James for all his hard work in bringing the website to this high standard and the team at ZEAL Creative.


Certificates are ready to be issued to all the participants in the recent training activities for Manual Handling, Occupational First Aid, Forklift Driving. These training and development activities keep our skills and knowledge to the forefront of all we do in GEM Plastics. Congratulations to everyone.


We are in the midst of various audits taking place and are looking to maintain and improve on our current high standards.


I am very pleased with the enthusiasm and interest that everyone has shown in embracing the Lean Journey project. This is an exciting time for GEM Plastics Limited and with the continuous improvements made and to be made will make us a stronger and more competitive company.

The Lean journey doesn’t end, it’s an ongoing continuous improvement process focusing on eliminating waste in all its forms throughout the company, producing good quality products to meet customer requirements and people having the skills to make it happen.


GEM Plastics Limited support Ballyhaise GFC.  Maura Burke Managing Director Relevant news items will feature on our website