GEM Container 20L & 25L Eurostacker

The EuroStacker makes full use of the 1000 x 1200 mm deck area.

The container is now firmly established among a growing number of users .

  • Made in two sizes – 20 litres and 25 litres
  • 60 mm tamper-evident screw cap closure
  • Vented closure option
  • 16 per layer on a 1000 x 1200 mm pallet
  • Interlocking design features for safe and secure stacking
  • Integrated pinched handle on top
  • Capable of being completely emptied
  • Recessed body section for labels or sleeves
  • Colours 20 Litre:  Blue, White, Natural, Red, Silver and Green  other weights & colours considered subject to quantity.
  • Colours 25 Litre:  Black,  Blue, White(1,000gr &1,200gr), Natural (1,000gr &1.200gr), Red, Silver & Green ,other weights & colours considered subject to quantity.
  • Choice of cap colours
Dimensions {mm}
Length Width Height
UN Mark LiquidsPacking
20 L900290240400Y 1.9Bales of 60
25 L1000290240470Y 1.9Bales of 60