GEM 20L Ribbed Container

Designed for those fillers of liquid products looking to optimise their pallet utilisation, storage space and shipping costs, combined with consideration of lighter manuals handling weights.

  • 60 mm tamper-evident screw cap closure
  • Perfect fit on  1140 x 1140mm container pallet
  • 20 units (5 x 4 formation) per layer
  • Opportunity for 800 litres lading per pallet
  • Interlocking design features for secure stacking
  • Exceptional compression strength
  • Recessed body section for labelling
  • Colours Natural and Green, other colours considered subject to quantity
  • Choice of cap colours
Capacity Weight
Dimensions {mm}
Length Width Height
UN Mark Liquids Packing
20 L 1000 286 225 430 Y 1.9 Bales of 60