GEM 60 L Tighthead Drum

60 Litre Tight Head drum is an innovative and unique product developed to serve the chemical, agrichemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries. Manufactured from high molecular weight High-Density Polyethylene and is the first in a generation of drums which offers excellent resistance to chemicals, high impact strength and stackability in addition to innovative handling features.

  • Available in one size – 60litre
  • Exceptional stacking strength
  • Outstanding impact resistance even at cold temperatures
  • Suited to automatic filling lines
  • Optionally drainable, leaving minimal residue.
  • Easy to clean for reuse, with good secondary value
  • Ideal for export inside ISO freight container
  • Unique 3 handled facilities enable total capability, flexibility and safety in the handling and loading of these drums.
  • Standard colour Blue, others considered subject to quantity
Capacity Weight Dimensions (mm) Closures UN Mark Packing
L (kg) Diameter Height   liquids  
60 2.8 400 613 Bung X1.4 Pack 18