GEM L-Ring 210L Closed Head Drum

GEM Plastics Limited traditional 210 litres closed head drum, with its two handling rings, has a proven record in providing safe and reliable transport packaging for a range of liquid filling applications.
The proven durability and quality of the GEM Plastics Limited closed head drum provide practical and functional advantages over steel counterparts.

  • Light to handle and transport – around half that of a steel drum
  • Exceptional impact resistance and stacking strength
  • Will not dent or corrode
  • Protects contents from the risk of contamination
  • Easy and inexpensive to clean for reuse.
  • Long service life
  • Works with the same steel drum handling equipment
  • Standard colour Blue, others considered subject to quantity
  • Choice of 2 weights
Dimensions (mm)
Diameter Height
Closures UN Mark
210 8.0 580 917 S56x4 Y1.6 Loose in trailer
210 9.0 580 917 S56x4 Y1.9 Loose in trailer