GEM MHX Closed Head Drum

GEM Plastics Limited second generation MHX closed head drum is a single L-Ring  design.

This model enables packaging waste reduction with reduced weight for higher performance and improved emptying to allow it to be recycled more effectively.

The proven durability and quality of the GEM Plastics Limited MHX closed head drum provide practical and functional advantages over steel counterparts.

  • Available in three sizes – 120L, 210L and 220L
  • Exceptional stacking strength
  • Outstanding impact resistance even at cold temperatures
  • Suited to automatic filling lines
  • Optionally drainable, leaving minimal residue. (<50 ml)
  • Easy to clean for reuse, with good secondary value
  • Ideal for export inside ISO freight container
  • Easily handled with standard international drum gripping devices.
  • Conforms to CEN standard for HDPE drums of this design
  • Standard colour Blue, others considered subject to quantity
Dimensions (mm)
Diameter Height
Closures UN Mark
120 5.7 495 785 S56x4 Y1.4 Loose in trailer
210 8.5 595 906 S56x4 Y1.9 Loose in trailer
220 8.5 595 933 S56x4 Y1.9 Loose in trailer